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Re: PoP in magazines

Post by David » April 29th, 2017, 6:56 pm

Found another walkthrough on the same site:
This one is about the Amiga version.
http://pcvilag.muskatli.hu/irodalom/ceu ... 941-39.jpg
http://pcvilag.muskatli.hu/irodalom/ceu ... 941-40.jpg
http://pcvilag.muskatli.hu/irodalom/ceu ... 941-41.jpg
http://pcvilag.muskatli.hu/irodalom/ceu ... 941-42.jpg

The last screenshot is flipped horizontally for some reason.

The description of the potions level (they numbered it "1/1") suggests that they played a cracked version. Tsk, tsk!
A szint elején kiíródik az a betű, amit valamelyik korsón láthatunk.
At the beginning of the level, a letter is displayed, which can be seen on one of the pots.
No page/line/word, just a letter.

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