Trap Life Extender potion in certain versions of PoP.

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Trap Life Extender potion in certain versions of PoP.

Post by _Zaphod_ »

pc98, fm-towns, and tg-16 versions of the game (pc-98 is first) have a second life extender in level 3. But good luck actually getting it.

I've tried time and time again, and i have not been able to collect it.

To reach the room, go two rooms left from the start, and one room down.

The potion is at the bottom right. The catch is that the leftmost two tiles of the platform with the potion are loose, and you have to jump up from the leftmost tile to get back out. you cannot grab the upper platform with a running jump. only a standing one will work.

it is easy to reach the potion if you jump the leftmost loose tile, but you will usually end up dropping the second one. you can the climb up and collect the potion. The hard part is getting out.

Every time i've attempted to jump up, the tile falls out from under me, dropping me into the room below with the skeleton.

I am 99.9% sure escape is impossible.

I would like someone to prove me wrong.

There are supposed to be techniques to jump up from a loose tile before it falls. But i've never been able to do it there in any version that actually has this evil room.
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Re: Trap Life Extender potion in certain versions of PoP.

Post by Norbert »

Related posts you made in January 2017. :)

I remember testing one of the versions.
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