did anyone like the game?

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Re: did anyone like the game?

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Personally I think the best prince is the one at SoT (and at the same time the best pop game in 3D)

He is still learning the ways of a warrior and a man, not a killing machine or something of the like. Plus, I like the design :).
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Re: did anyone like the game?

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If you will read the review of the game in "LEVEL" magazine you will notice that they have exactly the same objections but do see the good sides of the game.I have personally played and still have it installed (finished it yesterday).I think it's a good game but could have been better.
P.S. I did not like the puzzle with those basins in which corruption flowed and the fact that when you're in danger the screen turns black and white.The fights do tend to get repetitive but...some say that it is first adressed to ocasional players and after that to the fans of the francize (maybe in an attempt to "raise the cash flow" by making new fans of the game from those gamers who never played any of the sequels).
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