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Re: Free to download

Post by Andrew »

Sigh... No, I am certainly not deliberately misunderstanding you. Believe me, I've got far better things to do in life... :roll:

Let me quote programmer once again:
programmer wrote:Sometimes I think that an average native speaker will probably make mistakes more often than somebody who studied a language. Many native speakers (of any language) don't care (or even don't know) about some rules while people learning the language will follow them. I can easily notice in it Polish and surely it's like that elsewhere.
Ok, what he meant (according to me), was this - A native speaker of any language who never formally studies the language but instead just learns it as he grows up listening to his parents, friends etc., will in general make more mistakes than a non-native speaker who formally studies the language along with all its rules and regulations. The non-native speaker will thus spend more time diligently learning and rigorously following the language's rules, probably 'cos he is more careful and doesn't want to make obvious mistakes. A native speaker on the other hand is more casual about his own mother-tongue and thus might make some small mistakes.

Now, since you happen to be a native speaker of German by your own admission, according to programmer's hypothesis you ought to be making more mistakes, in general, compared to a non-native speaker of German. Of course, this is not a hard and fast rule by any means, so your German may very well be perfect.
mk1995 wrote:That's a good point right there. In my class I'm pretty much the only one who writes/speaks German flawlessly 99.9% of the time.
Reading this quote, it seemed to me that you were comparing yourself with your classmates, who happened to be native Germans. Since you said they make mistakes and you not at all, I naturally assumed that according to programmer's hypothesis you were a non-native German as compared to your native classmates. I mean, why else would you agree with the rule, and then provide an example of yourself vs. your classmates, if not to prove that rule? One shouldn't agree with a rule and then provide an example that goes against that very rule!

Instead of agreeing 100% with the rule (which you did above), you should have instead said that the rule doesn't always hold true and that you're an exception to it. Something like:
That's a good point right there, though not always true. In my class I'm pretty much the only one who writes/speaks German flawlessly 99.9% of the time, despite the fact that we're all native German speakers.
Then people would have understood properly what exactly you were trying to say. Phew! Got it? :P

P.S. I agree, we really need a dedicated OT sub-forum for such trivial/miscellaneous/useless/"passing the time" sort of discussions! :)
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Re: Free to download

Post by mk1995 »

Yeah, that's exactly what I meant. It's kinda tough to put thoughts in words sometimes...
Just to make something clear: I will not reply to daft PMs like "Where can I find X?" or "Can you give me a link to Y?". Most of your questions are likely answerable if only you took your bloody time to look through these forums and use Google if all else fails. Sheesh...
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Re: Free to download

Post by AuraDragon »

Though not a bad thing, this topic has spiralled wildly off topic. People nowadays are losing their reading and writing skills, which is a sad thing really, 1337 speak and other things support these as does the usage of shorthand like thru instead of through. It makes fear the future, almost. :|

EDIT: Oh hey, I leveled up to a... Beylerbey... ? wtf is that?
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Re: Free to download

Post by Morbid_Assasin »

SilkTheRaven wrote:I have Windows XP. extracted the files already with 7-Zip (so original like "SR.part1" RAR-data) and then I got this R03, R04, R05 datas (like "sr-pop.r03"). well... I have never seen this datatype before :|

It's easy.Before you start extracting the data from those just arrange all the files in order with right click and "arrange files by type".Then open the first volume (the one on the top left corner).Select the extract location and wait. :D It's vital that you have all the parts and start extracting from the first volume.I use WinRAR to extract such multi-volume archives.
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Re: Free to download

Post by Shattered »

The download links probably originate from the forum below:

[Link removed --Norbert]

It's the scene release by a group called SKIDROW, and it should work OK if all the files are intact. The disc isn't needed in the drive, because the game has no copy protection.

First download all the 8 parts, then follow the instructions below:

01. Extract SR.part1.rar with WinRAR (all other parts are extracted automatically);
02. Extract sr-pop.rar with WinRAR (all other parts are extracted automatically);
03. Burn or mount sr-pop.iso (you need a Dual Layer DVD for burning);
04. Install;
05. Play.

You can use DAEMON Tools, Alcohol 120% or any other virtual drive software to mount the image. Alternatively, you can extract sr-pop.iso with WinRAR and install the game from your hard drive.

However, I wouldn't recommend this download for users with slow(er) connections. MegaUpload isn't a bad host, but the RAR parts are 954 MB each. In case of time outs or other connection failures, you are forced to re-download the file(s).

My 2 cents ;)