I need a hint (level Fate's Dark Hand)

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I need a hint (level Fate's Dark Hand)

Post by jokymanc »

I'm playing level Fate's Dark Hand, Cliff past. From the savepoint I first have to kill a few monsters etc. Then after some acrobatic moves I arrive on a platform where I get rid of about 8 fellas. Next after some jump, swings and more jumps I have to kill more monsters. Here's also a box to unlock artwork.
When I'm ready here, I go down, jump along some masts to a few wooden platforms. Then while walking along a wall I encounter some guy which I slam aside and finally I arrive on an unstable platform with a little skull and another box. There seems to be some kind of passage but it's blocked. I have tried to force my way through without success. I also can't find another way to continu the game. I need your help please. What am I doing wrong?

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Re: I need a hint (level Fate's Dark Hand)

Post by Norbert »

Either you were not playing the level Fate's Dark Hand, or you completely fail to describe what you've seen.
Fate's Dark Hand is, roughly, in this order:
- some acrobatics
- rope tutorial
- close window shutters
- rope
- fight some women
- climbing up
- past rollers with pins and spinning blades
- portal no longer works: light all buttons
- use portal to gain "Eye of the Storm"
- back through rollers
- back down
- time power tutorial
- fight some creatures
- see big black demon
- some acrobatics
- down
- fight some women and monsters
- go up; movement tutorial
What you wrote is:
- cliff past, savepoint
- fight some monsters
- some acrobatics
- fight some fellas
- some acrobatics
- fight monsters
- box to unlock artwork
- down
- pass masts to platforms
- slam some guy aside
- unstable platform with a skull+box
- blocked passage
Look at how extremely different these lists are.

Anyways, there are several videos on YouTube that show you exactly what to do.
Plenty of these videos were uploaded before you posted your message.
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