SDLPoP 1.17 Released

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SDLPoP 1.17 Released

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5 February 2017 - After being in development for a little over a year, SDLPoP 1.17 has been released!

For those unfamiliar, SDLPoP is a faithful port of Prince of Persia 1, based on reverse engineering of the MS-DOS executable and data file formats.
Basically, SDLPoP is near-identical to Prince of Persia V1.0. However, it runs natively on modern systems, so there is no need for DOSBox emulation. Moreover, the source code is freely available on GitHub and is under active development by the PoP modding community.

Version 1.17 was released by David on February 5th. The update add a host of new features and improvements, including:
  • New bug fixes for eighteen gameplay and drawing bugs that also existed in original Prince of Persia 1.
    (NOTE: To turn on these bug fixes, make sure to set the 'use_fixes_and_enhancements' option to 'true' in the configuration file SDLPoP.ini)
  • New customization options for modding, and much improved support for playing and configuring custom levelsets.
  • Big improvements to the record/replay feature, which allows you to view and record replays in-game. You can now also upload and share replay files in the Custom Levels section on
  • Improved controller support, including rumble feedback when the kid gets hurt.
  • SDLPoP now has its very own icon!
For a full list of changes, click on the spoiler tag below:
Spoiler: show
General changes:
CHANGE: Moved source to src/. (That is, merged the with-folders branch into master.)
DONE: Moved OSX documentation to Readme.txt. Upgraded information there. Removed TODO text for the SDL2 port.
DONE: Added sources and fake tiles to Readme.
DONE: Added Markus installation method with brew install for OSX to the readme.
CHANGE: Updated OSX make command in Readme.
DONE: Updated forum link in Readme.
DONE: Added some contributors and thanks to the Readme.
DONE: Removed some old unneeded files.
DONE: Added comments to explain the available options in SDLPoP.ini
DONE: Add info on the "mod" command line option to doc/Readme.txt
DONE: Allow opening DAT files from the data/ directory as well; Moved DAT files to data/ to clean up the main folder.
CHANGE: Folders in the data/ directory no longer have the .DAT extension, so they can coexist with .DAT files.
FIXED: Removed Dev-C++ note from Linux Makefile.
FIXED: Use Mix_Music instead of Mix_Chunk to play music files. This reduces loading time. (contributed by @usineur)
FIXED: Fixed Dávid's name in the header comments.
DONE: Added an icon.

Miscellaneous game additions, changes, bug fixes:
CHANGE: Let time just run when quickloading immediately after quicksave
FIXED: Changed the RGB/BGR hack: check whether SDL2 bug occurs before applying RGB24 workaround.
FIXED: Fixed fake tiles randomly appeared in place of the disappearing sword.
FIXED: Fixed crashing on certain custom DAT files.
FIXED: Don't crash if some (or all) data files are missing.
CHANGE: Increased sound buffer size to remove noise.
CHANGE: Increased sound output settings to CD quality. (That is: 44100 Hz, 16-bit, Stereo.)
FIXED: Audio: Changed 16-bit to signed. (@vanfanel wrote this is needed on the Raspberry PI.)
FIXED: Fixed bug (and compiler warning) in redraw_at_cur_mob(). (Reported by @petervas.)
CHANGE: Change default of use_fixes_and_enhancements to false
FIXED: Don't repeat Alt+Enter.
FIXED: Alt+Enter should not un-pause the game.
CHANGE: Debug timer: display in top left corner, toggle with T
FIXED: Added a way to enable debug cheats: use command-line parameter "debug"
FIXED: Do not accept filenames as valid command-line parameters in check_param()
FIXED: Reduced flickering when text is drawn.
DONE: Added info screen shown at startup, with some explanation about SDLPoP.
FIXED: Fixed quickload penalty being applied even after time has stopped (after Jaffar has been killed)
FIXED: Fixed guards sometimes turning around immediately after quickloading (because is_guard_notice is not set to zero)
FIXED: Silenced warnings being printed about image 255, after entering an exit door.
FIXED: Fixed graphics bug with SDL 2.0.5 (contributed by @zaps166)
DONE: Added command-line parameter --version, -v: Display SDLPoP version and quit.
DONE: Added command-line parameter --help, -h: Display help and quit (points to the Readme).
DONE: Added command-line parameter seed=number: Set initial random seed, for testing.

Improved controller support:
DONE: Improved controller support; migrated to SDL_GameController API (reported by @EndeavourAccuracy).
DONE: Implemented two settings for joystick control: horizontal-only (default; idea and original implementation by @EndeavourAccuracy) and all-directional.
CHANGE: Controller: Remapped Quit to Start (was B).
DONE: Added haptic feedback (when the kid is hurt) for controllers with a rumble motor.

Support for playing mods/custom levelsets:
DONE: Added ability to organise mods into their own directories
DONE: Use a custom configuration file (mod.ini) for each mod
DONE: Allow choosing a levelset from the command line; usage: prince mod "Mod Name"
CHANGE: Use a separate Hall of Fame file when playing a custom levelset
CHANGE: Use a separate QUICKSAVE.SAV / PRINCE.SAV when playing a custom levelset

New customization/modding features:
DONE: CusPop option: start upside down
DONE: CusPop option: start in blind mode (slightly buggy)
DONE: CusPop option: set level before which the copy protection level appears
DONE: CusPop option: set up edges of the level
DONE: CusPop option: enable dungeon WDA in palace environment
DONE: Allow disabling the time limit completely (by setting 'start_minutes_left' to -1 in SDLPoP.ini)
DONE: When time is unlimited, show how much time has passed instead of how much time is remaining
DONE: CusPop option: change the hard-coded color palette
DONE: CusPop option: change the first level (starting level)
DONE: CusPop option: skip title sequence
DONE: CusPop option: set up effect of Shift+L in non-cheat mode
DONE: CusPop option: set up cutscenes

Replay improvements:
CHANGE: Replays get saved to the replays/ directory, have more recognizable names, and are played back in reverse creation order.
DONE: Allow changing the folder where replays are kept.
CHANGE: The replay format was changed -- older replays will no longer work!
CHANGE: Replay format: added magic number 0x50 0x31 0x52 ("P1R")
CHANGE: Replay format: replaced version strings with class, version and deprecation numbers that can be used to determine whether a replay is compatible.
CHANGE: Replay format: added the time of the recording (Unix time) to the replay format.
CHANGE: Replay format: added the name of the program that created the replay to the replay format.
CHANGE: Replay format: stored replay options are now split up into several sections.
CHANGE: Replay format: use 32-bit sizes independent of platform (32 or 64 bits).
CHANGE: Gameplay options are now stored differently in replays.
FIXED: Incompatible replays will be skipped in the cycle order.
FIXED: Added more informative error messages if a replay is incompatible.
FIXED: Fixed being unable to unpause while replaying.
FIXED: Fixed replays running out of sync when the end of a temporary effect is triggered by the music stopping (level 1 start, feather fall).
FIXED: Fixed several bugs that could cause crashes when a replay file is loaded.
DONE: Replay: show error message in a dialog box if replay loading failed.
DONE: Replay: stop the replay upon reaching the Princess room.
CHANGE: Don't play end level music while recording or replaying. (Reduces waiting time and improves reproducibility.)
DONE: Added a save dialog for replays. This replaces the automatically generated filenames for replays. Pressing Escape discards a replay.
DONE: Replay: start recording immediately if Ctrl+Tab pressed on the title screen.
DONE: When trying to quickload while recording, show the 'save replay' dialog.
FIXED: Fixed replay reproducibility across multiple levels. (Preserve the random seed to prevent going out-of-sync.)
DONE: Press F or Shift+F to skip forward through replays (F: skip to next room, Shift+F: skip to next level).
DONE: Added command-line option for validating replays, usage: prince validate "replays/replay.p1r"

Fixes for gameplay and drawing bugs, that are also present in the original Prince of Persia for DOS:
DONE: Added remembering guard hitpoints. (optional fix/enhancement)
FIXED: Fixed the kid being able to glide sideways through the top sections of walls/tapestries while in freefall.
FIXED: Fixed the kid dropping through tiles when dropping down from a tapestry.
FIXED: Fixed the landing animation aborting when landing against a gate or tapestry+floor instead of a wall.
FIXED: Fixed crashing from guards on level 14.
FIXED: Improved fix for "standing on thin air" bug.
FIXED: Fixed new falling bug caused by "glide through wall" fix, as well as a second wall glitch.
FIXED: Fixed unintended sword strike immediately after drawing sword.
FIXED: Fixed retreating out of a room without the room actually changing.
FIXED: Fixed running jump through tapestry.
DONE: Added test level for jumping through tapestry.
FIXED: Fixed guards being pushed into walls.
FIXED: Fixed jumping through a wall above a closed gate.
FIXED: Alternate fix for drawing bug when gates are stacked on top of each other.
FIXED: Alternate fix for drawing bug when climbing up to a floot with a big pillar top behind.
FIXED: Fixed chompers not starting when grabbing a ledge.
FIXED: Fixed offscreen guards not reappearing in adjacent rooms.
FIXED: Fixed feather fall effect being interrupted by a level door opening.
FIXED: Removed audible 'click' after the swinging sword sound. (contributed by @zaps166)
FIXED: Fixed unintended movement after putting the sword away (because controls do not get released properly).

Build changes, source code, refactoring:
DONE: OSX port upgraded from SDL to SDL2. Mixer library added in makefile and documentation. Tested.
DONE: Merged both makefiles. Now make is fully portable.
CHANGE: Updated CMakeLists.txt
FIXED: Removed duplicate const to avoid warnings in default gcc settings on OSX. Commented an always-true if.
DONE: Removed unneeded libraries from Dev-C++ projects.
DONE: Add OSX build configuration for CMake
FIXED: config: compile with USE_MIXER undefined
FIXED: Added extern to all variables in data.h.
FIXED: Removed duplicate definition of timer_stopped.
DONE: Also changed 0 to timer_0 where appropriate.
DONE: Visual C++ (NMake) support
CHANGE: Changed COUNT to sizeof in memset.
DONE: Added missing color ids, using the color names of the default EGA palette
CHANGE: Set minimum CMake version required to 2.8
DONE: Added some comments in land().
FIXED: Added range checks in load_frame().
FIXED: Added newline at the end of error messages that didn't already have one.
FIXED: Make NMakefile and unistd_win.h non-executable
DONE: Add optimization level (O2) to Makefile, silence uninitialized warning
DONE: Remove CMakeLists.txt in root directory
DONE: Added optimization (-O2) to Dev-C++ release project as well.
DONE: Add .editorconfig
DONE: Added maximum path length macro POP_MAX_PATH set to 256
CHANGE: Refactor so that HOF path is obtained from get_hof_path()
CHANGE: Refactor: removed options_type (replacement: options are stored using SDL_RWops streams).
DONE: Added new exceptions to .gitignore.
FIXED: Ignore replay options in SDLPoP.ini if USE_REPLAY is not defined
DONE: Added -std=gnu99 to the Dev-C++ project files.
SDLPoP 1.17 can be downloaded on here, or from the release thread on the forum.
For general discussion about SDLPoP, you can visit the SDLPoP forum board.

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