New MININIM Updates

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New MININIM Updates

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12 January 2017 - oitofelix has released new updates for MININIM on 5 and 12 January 2017, further polishing the game with lots of new features, changes and bug fixes.

Here are some things to note especially:
  • MININIM received support for replay recording. To start recording your playthrough of a level, you can press Alt+F7 while in-game. The recordings get saved as small files with a .mrp file extension. To view previously recorded replays, press F7 while in-game.
  • If you're using a game controller with a rumble motor, haptics are now integrated into the game mechanics.
  • In MININIM, everybody screams! (explanation: see this post)
You can download the latest version of MININIM from its official website or from here.

See the announcement posts in the forum for more information, more download links, and full lists of all the changes:

MININIM 201701051749 (January 5)
MININIM 201701122309 (January 12)

For general discussion of MININIM, you can visit the MININIM forum board.

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