Bypass SoT Trilogy launcher

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Bypass SoT Trilogy launcher

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Weeks ago I was revisiting the trilogy and started playing all of them again, then I tried my best at disabling the automatic saving messages in Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones but failed and I noticed that the launcher can be quit annoying when testing things and also because sometimes its bugs on newer systems so I decided to disable it and just execute the exe directly. I found the offsets to do that on every game on the trilogy and now I will post how to do it:

Things you will need:
An hex editor
GOG version of the exes
UPX unpacker

First I will show you how to do it in Sands of Time:
Open the file POP.exe in an hex editor, then select any option that let you go to an offset (normally Ctrl+G) and put 16E52. Finally change the value in that location from 75 to EB, save the file and just execute the POP.exe to start the game...

Skip Launcher:
16E52 75 XX EB

Note: Although that modification will let you skip the launcher, you must know that the launcher is necessary to create the values in the file Hardware.ini, so I recommend patching the exe after you at least set the values one time to avoid issues...

That's all folks, WW and T2T are similar so I will add the info on how to do them later or maybe in the mean time you can figure out how to do it, also I still need to know how to disable autosaves on T2T, if some modder can shed some light on it I am very interested...

13A80: 56 XX C3
That offset just control the mini bik file that shows whenever the game is loading something, in my experience it can be safely disabled...
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