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Re: PoP2 bugs

Post by dmitrys »

In SDLPoP, if you draw the sword manually, a gate would close with the Kid in the middle of it. You would be able to move in either direction and it will not push you out. The wall check only happens if you are in front or behind the tile. Once you move out of the gate, you will not be able to pass.

There is logic in SDLPoP for walls that pushes you out which can probably be applied to closed gates. But it can cause all kinds of bugs including the one where kid falls through the floor after a jump when aligned a certain way.

I also tried adding logic where kid can turn around with the sword manually but it was causing bugs that allowed kid to move through tiles like gates.
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Re: PoP2 bugs

Post by FluffyQuack »

While trying to replicate how POP2 renders a level, I stumbled upon what looks like a visual bug in POP2.

Here's a screenshot of the third level in POP2 (v1.1). Note the light in the bottomleft corner:
prince_001.png (45.34 KiB) Viewed 227 times
This is the texture used for rendering the outer part of the alcove with the light inside:
res3552-64-0-0.png (324 Bytes) Viewed 227 times
Might not be apparent unless you open both images and zoom it, but the 7 bottom pixel rows of the alcove are missing. I think this is a bug related to render order. In this instance, the game looks to be rendering these elements in this order:
  • Background art for tile
  • The two alcove art assets
  • Tile art
The problem is that the tile art in the caverns tileset is pretty tall, so it ends up being rendered on top of the bottom part of the alcove.
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