Apple II cheats

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Apple II cheats

Post by David » September 2nd, 2014, 5:11 pm

The first thing you need to know is that you have to rebuild PoP from source to use cheats.
Luckily there is a package that does most things for you: ... ild.creole

You need to edit some of the source files in the folder "01 POP Source/Source" as indicated, and then recompile the game.
Those parts are near the beginning of the files.

You also have to delete or rename the file "Other/SPECIALK.PATCH"

The words in [brackets] are the names of the cheats in the source.

In intro:
regular keys:
ctrl-r: [krestart] restart intro
ctrl-l: [kresume] load game
cheat keys -- need FinalDisk = 0 in MASTER.S (makes MASTER too big! -- hangs when it would show the "insert disk" message)
ctrl-p: [kprincess] show princess scene
ctrl-d: [kdemo] show demo

In game:
regular keys:
esc: [kfreeze] pause
ctrl-r: [krestart] return to intro
ctrl-a: [kabort] restart level
ctrl-s: [ksound] turn sound on/off (beep if just turned on)
ctrl-n: [kmusic] turn music on/off (beep if just turned on)
ctrl-k: [ksetkbd] set keyboard mode (UIOJKL) (beep)
ctrl-j: [ksetjstk] set joystick mode (beep)
ctrl-g: [ksavegame] save game (levels 3..14) (game is saved to Side B, these levels are on Side B) (low beep on other levels)
ctrl-v: [kversion] show version
ctrl-m: [kreturn] (return to editor on an editor disk)
space: [kshowtime] show remaining time
ctrl-x: [kflipx] flip X axis of joystick (swap left-right) (beep)
ctrl-y: [kflipy] flip Y axis of joystick (swap up-down) (beep)

SKIP: [C_skip] goto next level and decrease remaining time to 15 minutes (until level 4 with cheats off, until level 12 with cheats on)

cheat keys -- need FinalDisk = 0 in SPECIALK.S
POP: [C_devel] enable cheats (everything below this line) (beep)
ZAP: [C_zap2] kill guard
BOOST: [C_boost] get more HP (like a big potion)
R: [C_restore] refill HP
Z: [C_zap1] decrease guard's HP to 1
TINA: [C_tina] goto level 14 (princess) (Tina LaDeau played the princess, see viewtopic.php?f=63&t=3333)

cheat keys -- need DebugKeys = 1 in SPECIALK.S
GO##: [C_go0, C_go1] goto other level (04..12)
): [knextlevel] goto next level (until level 14)
ctrl-m or enter: [kclean] disable cheats
@: [kscreendump] (hang?) (5.25" only? (MASTER525.S))
ctrl-c: [kreload] (hang?)
ctrl-z: [kreboot] (not used)
ctrl-f: [kforceredraw] redraw the screen (removes trails left with "b")
b: [kblackout] toggle erasing of previous image of kid/guard (they will leave trails)
]: [kspeedup] (should make the game faster, but I don't see any difference) (beep)
[: [kslowdown] (should make the game slower, but I don't see any difference) (beep)
ctrl-q: [kantimatter] kid can go through wall and gates for a short time (some sound)
ctrl-e: [kupone] kid goes up one row (might result in integer overflow if kid was in top row)
a: [kautoman] toggle auto/manual controlling of the guard (you need to switch to joystick mode, control guard with UIOJKL, kid with joystick)
s: [kincstr] 1 HP more (like a heal potion) for kid and guard
d: [kdecstr] 1 HP less (like a hurt potion)
f: [kincmax] get more HP (like a big potion)
z: [kzapgard] decrease guard's HP to 1
ctrl-p: [kplayback] goto level 2
+: [kskip5] skip 5 levels
<: [ktimeback] 1 minute more remaining time (if you increase it above 60, the game ends as if time expired)
>: [ktimefwd] 1 minute less remaining time
m: [ktimeup] show bad ending (time up / expired)
*: [kerasegame] clear saved game (set it to level 1)
0-9: set guard skill

cheat keys -- need FinalDisk = 0 in TOPCTRL.S (makes TOPCTRL too big! -- hangs when a level would start)
r: [kresurrect] resurrect kid

For the symbol keys like )@[]+<>* you may want to figure out what keys are they mapped to.

Note that keys don't work while a music is playing.

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