Time Only Knows (trailer & download)

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Time Only Knows (trailer & download)

Post by NITM-T » July 30th, 2017, 1:58 am

This is my first "playable" mod because there were two before: The Poison of Nightmare and The Dungeon of Dead Mysteries. They were too much hard, no funny and stuff. I wanted to do a good mod, but I messed up.
This mod have 20 levels modified with 45 minutes:

This trailer was made after I learn how to change the color pallete from spartacus735's tutorial:

Downloads (Normal Color Version):
http://www.mediafire.com/download/eb8wu ... _Knows.smc
(Custom Color Version):
http://www.mediafire.com/download/o1h76 ... lor%29.smc

Everyone was enjoying the prosperity in Persia, good harvest, low rate of robberies, people building their homes and children making everyone happy.
The novelty in the Kingdom was the marriage of the Prince and the Princess, Sultan's daughter, who was approaching. A couple who brought happiness to everyone always following the king's footsteps.
Sultan, a generous man who shared his wealth and sheltered the poorest in his castle making him a more respected man of the Kingdom, but one day, a stranger appeared in the palace and in a few words said: "You are no longer the king, nothing that you have done existed, all are ruins and now, I am the god of that place. MY NAME IS JAFFAR!" So, he threw a kind of Sand known as the Sands of Time, which spread throughout the castle making the whole reality change completely. With this, being now the king, he imprisoned the Prince and wanted to take the Princess' heart by force, but she resisted, so he used his magic to make the Princess life be destined by the Sand of Time.
Now, you only have 45 minutes to save her, the Sultan and all Kingdom of Persia. Will you succeed? Do you think you can fool time? Time Only Knows.
May the Moon light your path and together, we will open the way at Grand Clock.

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