Shadow Lives (Snes) and Immortals Guards.

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Re: Shadow Lives (Snes) and Immortals Guards.

Post by salvadorc17 » February 20th, 2017, 10:20 pm

Whats the main purpose of using inmortal guards and shadow in this case, youre planning some different gameplay feature?

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Re: Shadow Lives (Snes) and Immortals Guards.

Post by elveskz » March 1st, 2017, 6:22 pm

David wrote:
elveskz wrote:As for the colors of the mouse, no matter how much I change the color of the mouse palette, in the animation before starting Level 14 where the princess sends the mouse it changes colors, but during its appearance at level 14 it does not change Always remains in that image color: See in PM!!
I think I found out what happens.
For the mouse on level 13, the game uses the palette of the "dead" guard type.
Originally it's 21 (0x15), which is the palette row of the mouse.
In your mod it is 12 (0x0C), which is the palette row of the green guard.

To change this:

Code: Select all

00:F60D: a2 11 00    LDX #$0011
00:F610: bf a0 f5 00 LDA $00:f5a0,X ; table for guard palettes
At x760D write: A9 15 EA EA EA EA EA
This will force the game to use palette row 21 (0x15) for the mouse.
It worked perfectly, now I can finish my mod, thank you very much for the support, without you Forum, it would never end. Thank you all mainly to you my friend David !!

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