Idea: Save and load Programm

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Idea: Save and load Programm

Post by yaqxsw » May 26th, 2016, 1:30 am

Function: This programm allow make save and load on PoP game. (Only save and load)

How to use: If you want switch this programm on, then you need connect this with PoP files, for example LEVEL.DAT and PRINCE.EXE. You can connect texture too.

Save and Load:
To make save - press "1".
To make load - press "2".

You have 10 slots save. For example you ran one level and have saved 5 times, but you are on wrong way... with slots you have chance go back on 3x load and beginn from correct way.

Result: Many players would play hard MOD and make save. Is not easy run without mistake.

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Re: Idea: Save and load Programm

Post by Norbert » May 26th, 2016, 3:08 pm

Probably something that could be added to SDLPoP, which already has quicksave/load (F6/F9).

There's also DOSBox SVN Daum, a DOSBox version that has save/load states patched in.
I don't know if it has multiple save states though, you could test with Alt+F5 to save, and Alt+F9 to load.
[Edit: Should have 10 save slots. Alt+F6 to decrement slot, Alt+F7 to increment.]

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