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POP1 (w/ level editor, cheater, save game editor) & POP2

Posted: September 18th, 2009, 6:52 am
by adam77
First Post:

This is for MAC. I have been running os9 in sheepshaver and can confirm that all the programs work. I remember at popuw someone (starwinds?) had found a way to take the many levels created for PC and convert it on the fly for the MAC using a mac emulator. I really liked it. Lost the package a while pack though and now its down.

To add to the above.

POP1 cheater extension (its a demo), i think you have to get the sword first before you change levels, otherwise, you just die right when it starts. (even if you use the cheat to get the sword before "leveling up")

POP1 save game editor works just fine.

POP1 popmap, works, but haven't seen much with it since popuw went down. they had a program that would take the many levels created for the PC and convert them to mac levels. was pretty neat. anyway, you can make your own levels with it.

POP2 saves works but I found that I had to drag the save I wanted to work with out of the save folder and into the POP2 folder.

POP2 walkthrough is good I assume. Didnt read it as it was easier for me to keep a browser open in windows and just switch back form that instead of finder.

POP2 symbols. I actually liked this little graphic. Much clearer than the scanned manual. Doesn't break the experience as much b/c it is in color.

Also, game doctor works fine in both POP1 and POP2 for me.

Second Post:

Forgot the link.

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