New Releases of PoP.NET and apoplexy

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New Releases of PoP.NET and apoplexy

Postby Norbert » September 18th, 2014, 6:33 pm

18 September 2014 - A couple of days ago, polipo released an updated PoP.NET. The update includes fixes, a touch screen interface, and a preview of chompers, among other things. Binaries are available for Windows (regular and ClickOnce) and Linux (link). For more information see its website or the program's forum thread here.

Also recently released is version 2.6b of level editor apoplexy. Users can now change whether the prince has his sword (default, never, always), where the prince wins (level, room), and the environments and enemy resources used for each level. Use F2 or click the small EXE icon on the main screen to access the new features. Download the new version for Windows here (mirror) and for GNU/Linux here (mirror). The program's forum board can be found here.

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