Prince of Persia Gaiden

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Prince of Persia Gaiden

Post by Zeta » December 7th, 2008, 2:21 am

okay, I'm working on a bit of a "hard/technical" Prince of Persia levelset (which I'm calling "Prince of Persia Gaiden" for no reason at all).

I'll actually have screenshots and stuff up within the week, but here's the rough info and current status of it...

this was started as a "competition levelset idea", but then I decided to go ahead and make it as (reasonably) hard as possible.

you do not need to know any real exploits to finish the level, but you will to get all of the life up potions. all... 14 or so as of 5 levels. yes, 14 in five levels.

you WILL need the supplied executible (speaking of, I need someone to find a couple offsets that I can't track down: the "starting time" offset and (if possible) the "starting life" offset. the time should go up, the starting life should be 1)

anyways, status of the levels:

level 1: partially done (basics are in)
level 2: done and locked (not editable by roomshaker)
level 3: done and locked
level 4: basics done
level 5: not done
level 6: done, locked, and annoyingly long.
level 7: not done
level 8: not done
level 9: not done
level 10: not done
level 11: not done
level 12: not done
level 13: concepts done, boss life set, nothing else done
level 14: done and $%*&#$%#$% hard. (3 words: Leap of Faith)

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Re: Prince of Persia Gaiden

Post by mk1995 » February 27th, 2009, 11:58 pm

"Gaiden" means about as much as "parallel", or just "sidestory". So, did you intend your MOD to be a sidestory...?
Just to make something clear: I will not reply to daft PMs like "Where can I find X?" or "Can you give me a link to Y?". Most of your questions are likely answerable if only you took your bloody time to look through these forums and use Google if all else fails. Sheesh...

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