How did you find level data format out?

A PoP1 level editor that's no longer under active development.

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How did you find level data format out?

Postby freddytheking » May 14th, 2003, 1:19 am

How did you guys figure out how the level data was stored and how it was read by pop?

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Postby poirot » May 14th, 2003, 7:00 am

Well, I've spent more that two month working on that. I didn0t use an hex editor, but I used a self-made application in Pascal that I called PV1, it was like an hex editor but costomized for levels.dat. As you can see, I only used Pascal and my own code to figure out the format. For each new discover I made I implemented it in the PV1, so from that time on, the program had this new feature. Passed those two months, I realized that the program had a very useful library capable to edit the game levels. So I used this library in a new program and called it PV2. Passed some time PV2.5 was done (the version you can download from the page).

Once I realized what I was created, I translated the library into Ansi C, and after several tests and other new discoveries, I created a C++ class which was able to edit levels.dat.

By this time, there was lots of people in the team, so Moogi started to code the WYSIWYG Rendering Engine using my C++ Class. So here we are, with a PV3 in the way, near to come out.

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