[docs] error in level 3 information (restart point trigger)

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[docs] error in level 3 information (restart point trigger)

Postby Zeta » December 3rd, 2008, 11:42 pm

The "about level 3" part of the documentation has a error in it regarding the trigger for the restart point.

This level also has a restart point that is triggered when you enter room 2 from the right side.
This information is correct as long as the room to the right of room 2 is room 7 (which it is in the official Prince of Persia levels).

the actual trigger for the restart point is exiting room 7 to the left, regardless of what room that actually is. the restart point, for those that want to (ab-)use this, is room 2, tile 6.

something I stumbled across doing a levelset for PoP1 when I came to this level. everything else appears to be correct, and with the only annoying level to test so far being level 14 (there's a bug when you die in it that could force you to restart the whole game against your will), everything else is going smoothly.

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