Prince 1 on Win XP, bad sounds..

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Prince 1 on Win XP, bad sounds..

Post by HeeK » April 19th, 2006, 5:44 pm

Hi all :)
I'm playing again this beautiful game but sounds are so bad [I have to specify i hear sounds so bad cause they re pc speaker sounds, i hear them even with headphone plugged in]
so i tried to extract the dat sound files (digi, ibm and midi) with "PR" software.
K, now i can play all the extracted files in my sound player and they re so good! But i'd like yo play them in the game, with the sound i ve just heard.
How can i do it?
If i simply paste the extracted files in the game dir it answers me the cd key so i can't play it. I thought to import again those files in their original dat but i think doing so nothing can change, since i extracted them from the dat itself and i m not doing any edition on them.
U think i have to edit them and put again in a dat files? to hear good sounds in windows xp or i must edit them first?
And anyway? How to put extracted files in a dat file again?
TY for ur help, ciao! :)

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