Editing kid.dat - Question

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Editing kid.dat - Question

Post by kvMiller » December 16th, 2017, 6:22 am

Hello everybody,

This is my first post (the really one, because it's not an answer) and this time I'd like to ask for help making custom graphics for PoP 1 DOS.

After a little bit of reading in this forum and some other investigation, I figured out how to use PR for graphics editing. I followed the graphics editing document and all worked fine. But I wanted to be a little bit more ambicious, trying to edit the kid. So, I decided to bring the Warrior Within Prince into this classic game, as you can see in the attached images (to start a mod :lol: give feedback please) but, when I finished texturing the normal.bmp frame I tried to convert the palette with gpl2jascpal, and the ouput was this:

Code: Select all

[FAILED] File PR/kid.gpl doesn't have 16 (4 bit) or 256 (8 bit) colors!
[ INFO ] Successful conversions: 0 (1 errors)
I though "ok, this sprite has a 16 slots colors palette, but gimp says there are just 10 colors. I must add 16 different colors! Whyy!? :cry: " So I worked again with the 16 colors, I converted the palette again with succes, and the prince_000.png was the result.

My question is: Is already neccesary to make a 16 unique colors sprite for the palette? when the default one hasn't 16 colors already? I think there's something left, but I don't know what. If someone can help me, it'd be greatful.
the title changed by a.. probably not CC licenced image :(
prince_title.png (16.56 KiB) Viewed 129 times
just the idle frame was repainted by me. But there are many!! My God!
prince_000.png (4.49 KiB) Viewed 129 times

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Re: Editing kid.dat - Question

Post by Norbert » December 16th, 2017, 1:31 pm

Both the original palette (kid.pal) and the original image (normal.bmp) have 16 colors.

Spoiler: show
0 0 0
184 144 0
136 84 76
252 200 184
120 92 56
176 112 96
220 128 108
216 184 160
168 144 124
228 0 0
136 84 76
232 184 112
184 0 0
220 128 108
176 112 96
252 252 216
Colormap of normal.bmp:
Spoiler: show
Colormap of normal.bmp.
Colormap_of_normal_bmp.png (7.76 KiB) Viewed 123 times
JASC-PAL palettes, used by the game (although never with 256), simply must contain either 16 or 256 colors.
These palettes were initially used by PaintShop Pro, whose developer was Jasc Software.

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