Need Help for Prince Of

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Need Help for Prince Of

Post by polipo » May 8th, 2013, 8:49 am

Dear to all fans of Prince Of Persia!
Today i have finish the first level of the (windows porting)...
I ask for help to complete the development of this project, it was my intention to complete all levels and set complete features that are missing, it would also be nice to bring this game on Linux. Android and Apple iOS.
Unfortunately for complete Prince of and porting to other platforms I need your help to buy the kit developed by Xamarin ($ 999 business license per platform).
So if you liked my work to make a little donation or partecipate to develop the

See details on :

Andrea Falappi

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The Prince of Persia
The Prince of Persia
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Re: Need Help for Prince Of

Post by Norbert » May 8th, 2013, 7:25 pm

Here is my honest opinion, that (forum user) programmer may not like. ;)

Your best way forward is to move away from Xamarin.

First of all, Xamarin is proprietary software.
De Icaza, founder of Xamarin, talks about this in a video from April 2013, starting 11:58.
For me, that would be reason enough to drop Xamarin.
But not only is it closed source, it's not free (as in money) and not free (as in freedom).
Yeah, it's free (as in money) if you're a starter, but that's how drug dealers work ("First one's free, kid!"); when you get addicted and want more you need to pay up.
Then you have the Common Language Runtime and the .NET framework: those are proprietary.
That in itself is a problem; that it's developed by Microsoft makes it worse (given its history and behavior).
Also, free software for the win, but I won't go into that here.

Maybe you're a student and you're learning to use C#/.NET and other Microsoft (oriented) technologies at your school.
But please, look into libraries/APIs/SDKs that are both open source, free (price) and free (freedom).

It's not like there aren't any alternatives...
SFML, for example, is cross-platform and has a free software license (zlib License). Object oriented.
SDL is similar (cross-p.; LGPL/zlib). C-oriented; I use it for apoplexy.
There are several engines build upon SDL, like Allegro. Allegro is cross-platform and it's free software (zlib License).

Why would you not pick open source and free tools?
They are solid, feature-rich, widely used, easy to use, portable, and so on.
Several of them have bindings for C#, if that's really what you want to use.

I think that's the best thing I can do for you, advise you to stop using Xamarin.

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Re: Need Help for Prince Of

Post by polipo » May 9th, 2013, 3:01 pm

Thanks for replies,
i will look if there are other free ways for porting into other os

Some days are passed, but i dont find a right solution, i must find a way to maintain the c# source code but porting it on other platform,
i'm no time to spend for understand other languages and procedures....
mhh..Java isnt IOS Apple compatible

Xamarin and Monogame only the possibile solution ?

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