[FreePrince] Why FreePrince don't get updated.

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Re: [FreePrince] Why FreePrince don't get updated.

Post by polipo » July 29th, 2014, 9:45 am

Dear to All,
i see your posts about a remake of PoP, i'm the author of PoP.net (see http://princeofpersiadotnet.blogspot.it/)
it's written on C# and monogame.
I'm very afraid to see speaking today about FreePrince the program was in alfa status and stopped about some years!!!
Because someone don't speak about PoP.net ? it's opensource, the first level is fully completed, it's fully customizable

The c# platform it's ready to port it on Android, MAC, IPAD and LINUX with XAMARIN (pay platform) or MONO (free platform)
(you can translate c# in java for Android..)

Today i have no time to complete the PoP.net and i search some help from Prince Programmers Fan for continue this project.

Yes, the C it's a standard but today there are some new moderm program language, i dont like to reinvent the wheel... and i like c#

Excuse me if I expressed my opinion in the wrong way, but FreePrince if it were done today would already be old.

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Re: [FreePrince] Why FreePrince don't get updated.

Post by Norbert » July 29th, 2014, 8:56 pm

polipo, we are no longer talking about FreePrince.
David has created a fully functioning conversion (port) that works under Windows and Linux.
More information about it, including download links, here.

By the way, if you still want to use apoplexy's XML (exported with: apoplexy -x), please take a look at this document.
That document might make it easier for you to fully understand the XML format.

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