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Custom Checkpoint help

Post by PretzelGalaxian » February 18th, 2017, 12:37 am

I've started using CUSPoP to make changes to the prince.exe file and I saw that there is an option to setup the checkpoint that originally occurs in level 3. I would like to set the checkpoint up in level 2 and I thought I used all of the right inputs but I still respawn at the beginning of the level after making the transition from the appropriate rooms. Is there something obvious I'm missing or can you only use the checkpoint in level 3?

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Re: Custom Checkpoint help

Post by David » February 19th, 2017, 1:15 pm

It looks like CusPoP can edit only where to restart, but not the room-exit that enables the checkpoint.

Code: Select all

seg002:0665                      level3_set_chkp proc far
seg002:0665 83 3E 9E 0F 03                       cmp     current_level, 3 ; Special event: set checkpoint
seg002:066A 75 13                                jnz     locret_3CFF
seg002:066C 80 3E 2B 3D 07                       cmp, 7
seg002:0671 75 0C                                jnz     locret_3CFF
seg002:0673 C7 06 6E 4C 01 00                    mov     checkpoint, 1
seg002:0679 A1 F2 5F                             mov     ax, hitp_max
seg002:067C A3 08 46                             mov     hitp_beg_lev, ax
seg002:067F                      locret_3CFF:
seg002:067F CB                                   retf
seg002:067F                      level3_set_chkp endp
Search: 83 3E 9E 0F 03 75 13 80 3E 2B 3D 07 75 0C
Change: 03 to level, 07 to room.
The checkpoint is enabled when the prince exits the given room to the left.

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