POP cutscene animations

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Re: POP cutscene animations

Post by tacosalad » December 18th, 2012, 3:36 am

David wrote:
Norbert wrote:It's not possible to 'hop' over the floor while crouching, I missed that while playing, especially when trying to pass closing gates.
You need to use down-left (1) or down-right (3) (depending on your direction) to do that.
For some reason, pressing down (2) and left (4) is not the same as pressing down-left (1).
Norbert wrote:While running and then jumping, you have to temporarily let go of the running key to make sure you keep running.
Same as above. Use up-left (7) or up-right (9), but in this case you need to release left (4) or right (6).
Norbert was probably playing in keyboard mode, which exhibits both of the limitations he just described, in part due to limitations of the key rollover implementation in the Apple II. Prince of Persia didn't provide any keys to crouch and move at the same time, so keyboard users just didn't have access to those actions. For best playability, the Apple II version should be played with a joystick, or joystick emulation on a PC.

Back in 1989 we always chose to play Prince of Persia on my roommate's Apple //c because his computer had a joystick, whereas mine did not.

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Re: POP cutscene animations

Post by mrsid » March 13th, 2013, 3:48 pm

David wrote: http://popc64.blogspot.hu/2012/03/part- ... -push.html says that:
Since the Apple II is challenged when it comes to sound and music, you can't have animation and music at the same time. So they alternate each other. A bit of animation, then a bit of music and so on.
Actually, the page says this about the cutscenes, but it looks like it is also true in-game.
Interestingly, the flames of the torches continue to move.
Since it would be too obvious if the torches stop (as they are on nearly every screen), they are the only thing that gets updated while music is playing during the game. Certain other objects can delay the music from playing (a chopping jaw or screen flash will finish before the music starts).
See function "songcues" in https://github.com/jmechner/Prince-of-P ... /TOPCTRL.S
The music loop:

Code: Select all

 jsr burn       ; this animates the torches
 jsr musickeys  ; check keys during music

 jsr mplay      ; play a slice of the music
 cmp #0
 bne :loop

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