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The Prince of Persia
The Prince of Persia
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PoP anagrams

Post by David » April 17th, 2017, 12:16 pm

Lately I have been trying to make some anagrams of "Prince of Persia".

Here are some I could come up with:

* I tried to make out "fence" or "prison" or "PoP" to make it PoP-related:
a fencer i priso p -- I'd trade my "p" for two "n"-s! :)
PoP fencers air i
prison-ripe face
prison fire pace
fair sincere PoP
CERN fires PoP AI -- this one has too many acronyms...

* Non-PoP related ones:
pacifier person -- Hey, this one seems quite good and non-forced!
one spicier frap
cape on fire rips
air force 'n' pipes
Rio: pipes 'n' farce -- Makes some sense if you saw the closing ceremony of the Rio olympics...
POI: Paris, Frence -- misspelt
price in peso far
nice ears for Pip
pen for piracies
Re: Pope Francis I -- An e-mail subject in the Vatican?
if a person price
propane ice firs
Penrose pair fic / if Penrose Capri
Capri opens fire
safron pie price
price of pies ran
I, piper of cranes
faerie porn pics -- :shock:
I force rape pins -- :shock:
I force pear spin
corpse fire pain -- :shock:

* Sometimes I just couldn't do anything with the remaining letters...
repairs of nice p
profane prices i
nice parser of pi
faerie cops in pr
far nicer pose pi
fir cone pears pi / fir cones are pip
fire scenario pp
pie in face porrs
fairies core PnP
rapper since of i

Wise Scribe
Wise Scribe
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Re: PoP anagrams

Post by Falcury » April 17th, 2017, 3:25 pm

This is hilarious! So many possibilities...
My attempt at making a few of them myself:

reprise of panic
praise of pincer
in safe proper ice
sappier conifer
parsnip rice foe
sonic paper fire
David wrote:CERN fires PoP AI

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The Prince of Persia
The Prince of Persia
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Re: PoP anagrams

Post by Norbert » April 17th, 2017, 3:33 pm

I hope I don't spoil it if I write there are programs to do this.
And if, for example, the word size is set to min. 5, this forces the result to have 2 words.
(Since 14 letters is less than 3 times 5.)
$ an "Prince of Persia" -m 5
Spoiler: show
specifier apron
pinafores price
pinafores Price
pinafore's price
pinafore's Price
pacifiers prone
pacifiers Peron
pacifier's prone
pacifier's Peron
Francoise piper
pinafore précis
pinafore prices
pinafore price's
pacifier person
spicier profane
soppier fancier
snapper orifice
sappier conifer
conifer apprise
Another example to force the result to still contain "prince":
$ an "Prince of Persia" -m 4|grep -i prince
Spoiler: show
prince sore Piaf
prince sofa ripe
prince sofa pier
prince soap rife
prince soap fire
prince rose Piaf
prince roes Piaf
prince roe's Piaf
prince ripe oafs
prince ripe oaf's
prince pose fair
prince poi's fear
prince poi's fare
prince pies fora
prince pies Afro
prince pier oafs
prince pier oaf's
prince pie's fora
prince pie's Afro
prince peso fair
prince pair foes
prince pair foe's
prince ores Piaf
prince ore's Piaf
prince fore Pisa
prince Rose Piaf
prince Piaf Eros
Prince sore Piaf
Prince sofa ripe
Prince sofa pier
Prince soap rife
Prince soap fire
Prince rose Piaf
Prince roes Piaf
Prince roe's Piaf
Prince ripe oafs
Prince ripe oaf's
Prince pose fair
Prince poi's fear
Prince poi's fare
Prince pies fora
Prince pies Afro
Prince pier oafs
Prince pier oaf's
Prince pie's fora
Prince pie's Afro
Prince peso fair
Prince pair foes
Prince pair foe's
Prince ores Piaf
Prince ore's Piaf
Prince fore Pisa
Prince Rose Piaf
Prince Piaf Eros

The Prince of Persia
The Prince of Persia
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Re: PoP anagrams

Post by David » April 22nd, 2017, 9:53 am

Falcury wrote:reprise of panic
Hey, that's good!
Though because of "reprise" it might refer to PoP2 instead? :)
Falcury wrote:parsnip rice foe
Are these two plants enemies? :)
Falcury wrote:sonic paper fire
Imagining Sonic the Hedgehog holding a burning piece of paper... :)
Norbert wrote:I hope I don't spoil it if I write there are programs to do this.
I guessed there are some, but I feel it takes the fun out of it.

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