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Re: Various

Postby David » July 16th, 2017, 4:42 pm

Norbert wrote:Found a bit of info about an old PoP fan website.
The website was hosted by GameSpy, accessible via, and the last version that was online is at

That site has some fun oddities:

The poll on the left (on every page) is the same as one of the past polls of PoPUW:

It claims there was a PoP1 port for Unix: ... 0/PoP1.php
And it even claims to have cheats for that version: ... Cheats.php
The Unix link leads to GameFAQs (also note the "mainframe" in the URL) and the codes are a mixture of PoP1 DOS, PoP2 DOS and PoP2 Mac cheats.

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Re: Various

Postby Norbert » Yesterday, 3:40 pm

I recently realized that the PoP1 for SNES ending animations, after the ending text, are customly generated in real-time, using the mod's rooms.
For instance, with Hell of a Palace, the prince drinks a potion instead of picking up a sword.
I haven't checked, but I guess this means some mods might have really strange ending animations.

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