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Scholar Scribe
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Post by jokymanc » January 12th, 2011, 6:49 pm

Here would stand the profiles of Prince of Persia 3D and
Arabian Nights if these games would run under XP with the
current Nvidia drivers. BUT THEY DON'T.
If anybody got them to work, then please notify me how....

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Re: RobinSword

Post by RaymanForever2007 » September 4th, 2016, 5:13 am

Almost 5 years ago, he got the problem Arabian Nights not running in XP.
As I got registered to this forum, I happened to try the game "Arabian Nights", so on "Arabian Nights" by Wanadoo, I have some experience now and felt to give some clue to this old problem with no replyies.

If you got black screen even after you installed QuickTime from game CD already, it is the graphic driver problem, and that your case is caused by DirectX wrapper for the game in Windows XP.
You have QuickTime installed from CD ?
In Windows 98 , Arabian Nights had no problem to play if you installed latest DirectX9.0c and QuickTime6.4.

Though my case in Windows 10 64bit, but "dgVoodoo" old version will work even on XP.
So If you are still interested in Arabian Nights, please try dgVoodoo 1.50 Beta2 for XP after installing DirectX 9.0C from Microsoft download. And QuickTime4.0 if you didn't have yet.

As for POP3D in XP, here is some hints on safedisc problem not on the graphic;

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