Can't pass from level 8

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Scholar Scribe
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Can't pass from level 8

Post by tronconeitor26 » September 4th, 2016, 8:00 am

I recently started playing again POP 2 with DDosBox but when I finish level 8 ( where you get the magical sword) the game lags and sends an error and I can't continue playing. I'm playing on Windows 8, does anyone have this problem or know how to solve it? Thanks.

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The Prince of Persia
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Re: Can't pass from level 8

Post by Norbert » September 4th, 2016, 11:06 am

tronconeitor26 wrote:but when I finish level 8 ( where you get the magical sword) the game lags and sends an error and I can't continue playing
If you press Alt+v in-game you will most likely see "PRINCE OF PERSIA 2". That means you're using the IR (initial release) version of PoP2.

Other versions are 1.0 and 1.1, which reply to Alt+v with respectively:
(Where \n is a newline.)

Currently, the Abandonia website distributes the IR version.

The IR version has several bugs, including the one you're describing.

The solution is to use PoP2 version 1.1:
Spoiler: show
"In one of the PoP2 versions (IR I guess) [...] when you try to pick up your father's sword, the in-game cinematics played but at the end, the game also crashes and closes itself."

"If the game crashes at fathers sword or anywhere else, just reload your game and try again. My game crashed at fathers sword, I restarted it and ended up finishing the game."

"When I play Prince 2 on DOSBox on Vista, the game crashes when I am at the part where I get "my father's sword", at the end of the cutscene. The screen goes black and I'm thrown back to the DOS screen. [...] I got V1.1 now and it works better than the other one I had."

"When I picked up fathers sword the cutscene starting playing and I didn't want to wait so I tried to skip it by pressing ESC but the game crashed when I did that." ... d.php?t=85

"I have exactly the same problem. It doesn't matter whether I skip the cutscene or not - The Dosbox crashes." ... d.php?t=85

"Use game version 1.1 to solve your troubles! To check what version you are playing, press Alt+V during the gameplay."

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