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Re: MININIM updates

Post by oitofelix » September 18th, 2017, 4:54 pm

David wrote:At 9:00-9:30, you speak about putting more stars onto the sky, but I don't see any...
That might be because the video plays only in 360p.
That's probably the case, because stars are only 1 pixel wide.
David wrote:The quality selection menu shows only three options: Automatic, 360p, and a link to this:
It says Firefox needs at least Windows 7 for better quality options. Great...
I recorded it in 720p and can naturally select this resolution while streaming it back from YouTube. Thus, as you noticed, this should be a Firefox, or rather Windows, issue.
David wrote:BTW, I see you're using Windows 3.1-style window borders.
Indeed. For some reason (probably nostalgia) the Windows 3.1 interface seems very pleasing to me.

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