resource file names

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resource file names

Post by Norbert » February 8th, 2017, 8:21 pm

Maybe one day the PNG file names, currently res40.png up to and including res930.png, could become more informative.
MININIM and PR use more informative file names, which simplifies the modding process.

From what I can find, load_from_opendats_alloc() and load_from_opendats_to_area() get resource numbers, which are then passed to load_from_opendats_metadata(), that includes an snprintf() with "data/%s/res%d.%s".

The file data/music/names.txt has lines such as "24=regular_death".
A similar text file would probably be required for the PNG file names.

If someone ever feels like adding the code, I'm willing to create the aforementioned text file.

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