Identifying custom levels from Total Pack

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Identifying custom levels from Total Pack

Post by David » August 4th, 2013, 5:46 pm

from viewtopic.php?p=13706#p13706
Norbert wrote: Yeah, it is in Total Pack v2.06, but it's not in the drop-down list on the Setup tab.
It doesn't have its own number, so one needs to pick "xx: Custom Games..." and then select the DAT file from the Custom Games Setup tab.
Now I'm curious if there are any other DAT files there from mods that aren't yet on
I went through those DAT files.
I could categorise these files as:

- Copies of the original levels:

- Small modifications of the original levels:
levels.default -- an extra button on level 3
Default1.dat -- one room changed on levels 1 and 2
Default2.dat -- one room changed on level 1 + added "decorations"
LEVELS.DAT -- levels 1 and 2 are changed but still recognizable

- Exact copies of mods on
2nd_untit.dat --
COPY_laby.dat --
COPY_sword.dat --
COPY_tourna.dat --
file19.dat --
mk1994's 4 rooms - LEVELS.DAT --
david's 6 levles.dat --
file30.dat --
COPY_snes.dat -- -- identical to, not levels.dat; level 10 starts at the wrong place
file16.dat -- -- identical to, not levels.dat
COPY_hobbit.dat -- -- identical to, not levels.dat

- Different versions of mods on
file21.dat -- -- PoPOT has fixed version
COPY_4d.dat -- -- PoPOT has fixed version
COPY_g-escape.dat -- -- Level 1 is a bit different
COPY_jaffar.dat -- -- Level 2 starts elsewhere, level 3 changed on popot
COPY_mix.dat -- -- Level 10 is a bit different (one floor is loose)
COPY_snes2.dat -- -- Level 1, 7, 8, (10) is different
david's Levels.dat -- -- older version with only levels 1-5
file20.dat -- -- level 10 starts at the correct place; in PoPOT's version, level 10 starts at the wrong place (!), levels.dat is decorated but starts at the correct place
file22.dat -- -- Level 10 and 15 is different
file23.dat -- -- Level 10, 11, 15 is different
file24.dat -- -- Level 15 is different (same as in Steven_08)
file25.dat -- -- Level 10 and 15 is different (level 15 says SW instead of HW)
file26.dat -- -- Level 10, 11, 15 is different (level 15 says SW instead of HW)
file27.dat -- -- Level 15 is different (says SW instead of HW)
file28.dat -- -- Level 3, 4?, 8, 9?, 15 is different (level 15 says SW instead of HW)
My (actaually) VERY first levels-set.DAT -- -- level 1 starts elsewhere, level 11 has 3 less loose floors
p_levels.dat -- -- some levels are different: some are only a bit different, some have half of the level redesigned, some are completely different
pop_special.DAT -- -- demo level is different
Princess in danger - 01-07.DAT -- -- only levels 1-7 are modified, demo level is different, on level 2 and 5 there are additional rooms below endless pits
The Lost Persian.dat -- -- Level 11, 12, 14 is different

- Mods that are not on
blood445_1.dat -- levels 1-4 changed
blood445_2.dat -- levels 1-2, 12-13 changed; the title is "The Mistake"; see and (I have a newer version with levels 1-7, 12-13 changed)
Challenging level of only two screens.DAT -- only level 1 was meant to be played?
clock_LEVELS.DAT -- modified levels are unfinishable, some consist of only one room
COPY_rand.dat -- random tournament?
COPY_rand_no_shift.dat -- random tournament?
DKM1 - levels.dat -- levels 1-14 changed
DKM10 - levels.dat -- levels 1-5 changed
DKM11 - BETA VERSION - levels.dat -- levels 1-14 changed
DKM2 - levels.dat -- levels 1-14 changed
DKM3 - levels.dat -- levels 1-14 changed
DKM4 - levels.dat -- levels 1-14 changed
DKM5 - levels.dat -- levels 1-14 changed
DKM6 - levels.dat -- levels 1-14 changed
DKM7 - levels.dat -- levels 1-14 changed
DKM8 - levels.dat -- levels 1-14 changed
DKM9 - levels.dat -- levels 1-14 changed
eagleset.dat -- levels 1, 4 changed; level 4 is unfinishable
mk1994's friend.DAT -- only level 1 is changed, and only the arrangement of the rooms was changed (I remember that on PoPUW someone wrote something like "you used RoomShaker in the literal sense" - maybe it was about this level?)
speeders_levels.dat -- similar to Challenging level of only two screens.DAT, on level 1 the floor has a hole, level 3 is different
The Shadow of Time.dat -- levels 1-8 changed
The Shadow's Level.DAT -- levels 1-3 changed
Trick Bootcamp Levels.dat -- levels 1-10, 12, 14 changed; level 1 demonstrates multiple tricks, level 2 is the SNES training level 5, further levels demonstrate one trick each
- According to viewtopic.php?p=5344#p5344, it was made by AuraDragon.
- In fact, the videos in that post show parts of level 1 from this mod.
vh_levels.dat -- levels 0-9 and 12 changed

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The Prince of Persia
The Prince of Persia
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Re: Identifying custom levels from Total Pack

Post by Norbert » August 4th, 2013, 6:00 pm

This must have been a lot of work. I hope you used some script(s) for this. :)
Thanks for doing this. I was actually thinking about doing this myself but decided not to because I though it would be too much work.
I'll see what I can fix/add on That going to be an interesting mission...

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The Prince of Persia
The Prince of Persia
Posts: 3278
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Re: Identifying custom levels from Total Pack

Post by Norbert » August 5th, 2013, 3:11 pm

I've looked through the list more closely.
I don't think I'm going to do anything with it, unless someone has specific requests.
The reason is that, looking at the overview, most of what's not yet on only has some levels changed or only has small modifications.
The DKM* level sets are apparently complete, but if there are so many of them, how interesting can they be? Plus, who created them, when, and so on? (All that is rhetorical.)
"The Mistake" could be added, I guess, since you have a version that has all but four or five levels altered.
I think I can ignore stuff related to LEVELS.ORG files.
I'm going to continue working on my two-room mod now... :)

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