Japanese playthrough videos

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Japanese playthrough videos

Postby Norbert » November 18th, 2013, 10:57 pm

I ran into a Japanese gaming show where a man plays through PoP1 for SNES.
Two videos:

视频: ゲームセンターCX 第2シーズン 7 「プリンス オブ ペ

视频: ゲームセンターCX 第2シーズン 8 「プリンス オブ ペ

In the first, until 17:15 some failed tries and the man runs out of time after level 6.
He then starts writing down his level times on a white board.
Relevant footage is from 19:15-27:20 and 42:40-51:00 and 53:00-55:45.

Second video starts with a recap and 'trailer' for the show.
Relevant footage follows from 06:13 (actual playing starts 07:20)-12:00 and 21:30-34:00 and 35:40-41:10 and 48:00-55:00.

Kinda fun to watch; sometimes frustrating for the man when he dies right before reaching the exit.
More interesting if you're Japanese, but still entertaining if you're not.

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Re: Japanese playthrough videos

Postby _Zaphod_ » November 2nd, 2014, 4:28 am

that would be Game Center CX.

Arino's first super famicom game. NOte that even the japanese vesion is bloodless. So that part was not censored for the USA. All other versions for non nintendo consoles have full blood, except for the swordplay, which is bloodless just like Flynning is in the movies, and is supposed to be that way.

Pretty much the show is about an ordinary adult video game player, trying to beat the challenge game. He actually beats some difficult games too. this is one of them.

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Re: Japanese playthrough videos

Postby David » November 2nd, 2014, 5:16 pm

_Zaphod_, you post was a bit too dense for me, so I'll expand/explain some of your sentences. :)

_Zaphod_ wrote:that would be Game Center CX.

GameCenter CX is the title of the gaming show.

_Zaphod_ wrote:Arino's first super famicom game.

Arino is the man who is playing games in the show.
Super Famicom is the name of the SNES in Japan.

_Zaphod_ wrote:which is bloodless just like Flynning is in the movies

I thing you mean Errol Flynn, who was also mentioned in an article about PoP.

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