MININIM - Standard Legacy Level Set - Fellow Shadow (replayable)

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MININIM - Standard Legacy Level Set - Fellow Shadow (replayable)

Post by oitofelix » February 9th, 2017, 11:13 pm

Disclaimer: The walkthrough hereby presented corresponds to the current replay chain of the standard legacy level set distributed with MININIM. Keep in mind that this level set was not designed for use with MININIM's fellow shadow feature. Therefore, this doesn't make justice to its full potential, since it's really intended for expanding the complexity and richness of native level sets/mods. Anyway, I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this feature. This walkthrough is made available (YouTube playlist) in multi-room fit and single room complete versions, as well as standard 2x2 multi-room versions on a per level basis.

This walkthrough demonstrates MININIM's fellow shadow feature (for the upcoming release) that is now part of MININIM's core gameplay mechanics. It's a conservative extension to the classical gameplay mechanics that allows the player to control multiple kids at once. The central idea is that the kid is able to invoke copies of himself (called fellow shadows) at any moment, provided he has sufficient strength, to facilitate or make it possible to progress and solve levels. Fellow shadows are allowed to do anything the original kid is able to, except for deriving other shadows and entering exit doors. Special events may also discriminate between the kid and his fellow shadows.

Fellow shadows are invoked in exchanged for kid's strength (life points). The first invoked shadow in a level requires 1 point, the second 2, the third 3 and so on. In case the kid tries to invoke a fellow shadow without having the required strength, the message "NO STRENGTH" is printed on the bottom row and nothing related to that happens. Considering the classical total of 10 life points, one is able to invoke 3 fellow shadows in a row, being left with 4 life points (1+2+3=6; 10-6=4). Before invoking more shadows, kid's strength has to be recovered.

The kid can invoke up to 8 fellow shadows per level. In principle, MININIM can handle an arbitrary number of fellow shadows, but that artificial limit has been imposed so each shadow has a distinct style (palette) associated with it. Their styles are chosen at random in the moment of invocation, but are reproducible in replays. To invoke all fellow shadows in a level 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8=36 life points are required (plus one, because the kid can't die by invocation's sake). In case he tries to invoke a ninth shadow the message "NO FELLOW SHADOW" is printed on the bottom row and nothing related to that happens.

Kid's death implies the death of every invoked shadow, but the converse is not true. If a fellow shadow dies, no other shadow nor the kid are affected. Fellow shadows inherit all of kid's attributes (total/current life containers, skills, etc...) at the moment of invocation, but the attributes acquired by a particular shadow doesn't merge back into the kid nor into other shadows. Therefore, if something is important to the kid, he has to get it personally, using his fellow shadows only to help along the way.

The battle system and enemy AI has been significantly improved so an arbitrary number of fights, in any arrangement of characters (1 guard against 1 shadow; multiple guards against 1 shadow; 1 guard against multiple shadows; multiple guards against multiple shadows), can be carried out simultaneously. Non-current fellow shadows (those not currently in control by the player) are able to defend themselves and counter-attack in a limited fashion --- they do the bare minimum (never initiating an attack nor advancing aggressively), grabbing the attention of guards (one shadow per guard, additional guards distribute evenly against reachable shadows) for the player to go, waiting for possible subsequent selection.

The key combinations for invoking and managing fellow shadows were carefully chosen in order to maximize convenience and make transitions between current character's movements and shadow management compatible and smooth. Those are:
  • Ctrl+(Alt)+Left, Ctrl+(Alt)+Right: When kid is currently selected, invoke new fellow shadow. In this case directionals are meant to preserve motion concurrent to invocation. By default the newly invoked shadow is currently selected. To keep the kid's selection, press Alt along. Rather, if any fellow shadow is selected, these keys select the previous (left)/next (right) available one.
  • Alt+Up: Alternate selection between last selected fellow shadow and kid.
Walkthrough Videos
Multi-Room Fit

Single Room

2x2 Multi-Room (per level)

Replay: 01.mrp

Replay: 02.mrp

Replay: 03.mrp

Replay: 04.mrp

Replay: 05.mrp

Replay: 06.mrp

Replay: 07.mrp

Replay: 08.mrp

Replay: 09.mrp

Replay: 10.mrp

Replay: 11.mrp

Replay: 12.mrp

Replay: 13.mrp

Replay: 14.mrp

Have fun!

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Re: MININIM - Standard Legacy Level Set - Fellow Shadow (replayable)

Post by Norbert » February 11th, 2017, 1:15 pm


As you wrote, the original levels don't do full justice to the possibilities.
They were not built for the feature, so you get to mostly use it during fights.

I think this feature might see its full potential if the fellow shadows could do things the prince himself cannot.
For example, survive falls of any distance. Or be unharmed by spikes. Or walk through gates.

You write: "Special events may also discriminate between the kid and his fellow shadows."
Which special events would/will?

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