The kingdom of the Dead (trailer & download)

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The kingdom of the Dead (trailer & download)

Post by NITM-T » July 30th, 2017, 2:09 am

My 2nd mod. This one have 19 levels modified with 120 minutes using only the blue dungeon:

Downloads (Normal Color Version): ... e_Dead.smc
(Custom Color Version): ... lor%29.smc

Those who have they hearts full of evil, when dying, go to a place called: The Kingdom of the Dead, where their souls will never peel because they live being tormented by creatures never known by man and it was there Jaffar and his allies were after been defeated by the Prince.
Five years after his death, Jaffar discovered a way to bring the Prince into the depths of the Kingdom of the Dead using a powerful magic to take revenge and imprison him forever where he would be forever defeated by him.
Now, you have two hours, but not to save the Princess, to save youself from a hellish place or you will be imprisoned forever and with this, the Princess will not endure the suffering by had lost you again and will end up killing herself.
May the Moon light your path and together, we will open the way at Grand Clock.

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