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Hi,Suave Prince info

Posted: August 14th, 2015, 6:33 am
by SuavePrince
Hi,im glad and very happy can share with my comrades(you)some information about me and my tastes in Prince of Persia,I play since I was a child (7 Years old) after 23 years return (2013)ALTHOUGH eventually played Prince and many games such as snes and nes,i play all 153 mods of Prince,POP2 and all Prince snes,I wish more people to play Prince of persia,i hope the next years more people join this group,I always wanted to beat Prince of Persia extrem2 and Unique,I do not want to compete,I want that there more profis players.....if you want that me to win a mod,only tell me which,and I will try....I love you all :D
My Mods:
Jaffar Not Forget:!Z0g3iQjR!Y2zBx3ID_Qk7zJU44qGafu4zDow7tpYM3kx2RAHq_vs
The Resurrection of jaffar and Revolt of the Guards:!N5QTBJqY!N2gEVUqZ4b1f5-oGSDsUeiqII7xYCtxUyUrz_J7uXl8
The Princess is Mine:!1sYQGL4Q!x4-3fQnKtdQ8eSXB9K0nm5V2Z-K1TbtT478IQIlu_dg
Jaffar Is The King:!58oTgCzY!dOc7NWv8ctBPdrTlAvwqKi4NIu2ga09YL_Z01o3Sw2s
My 4 Mods:!Nh52nLzQ!PgfuIIIvXkizpC__AjdkztOn0Q9jkrJFa1T8AvW35w0

My channel Youtube:
facebook for questions or other stuff , send me friend request :

Re: Hi,Suave Prince info

Posted: October 4th, 2015, 12:00 am
by SuavePrince

Re: Hi,Suave Prince info

Posted: December 16th, 2015, 5:40 am
by SuavePrince
HI,now have 6 mods ;) coming soon my mod called Temple of Chaos is a terrifying castle when there strange and hard trick.but now upload my list of mods:

Jaffar Not Forget:!1xZRDSwY!IdvZS1xraUQPbkK07AWbEeNfStLUvyeJtLi_lb9rKuI
The Resurrection Of Jaffar and The Revolt Of The Guards:!pg4jAa5Q!MJs-M4NV4a1kCcP46wsXAfTPN8Dw_uR-J3A2NUy7Amk
The Princess Is Mine :!F9Q12QJR!k6uHOkILy44PYmYHHJwwHKrxkyxfntXo0GivQ765nbA
Jaffar Is The King:!loAEhYIK!vdpzEWK9TLcINXpkeT_x-zd6yw-ZxnjQpUBGh6wRcEs
Jaffar Not Forget 2 (The Temple of Terror)!V4QDRTaR!Q1zeSuHwAaJqpXbdlJ2Vmw5DLe6_IF_ERHarsY9z21Y
The Desert Of Persia :!YxQR1IBB!XA50zJlR5NOK42L0jqY_vgLOc4HtB6KbmHqp_RUSyn4

My 6 Mods:!YpozmT6R!yzH5RpaWThxsxfuMz519vIOUf7QBLj5AK3RoaaagCN0

Was necessary updated my mods because haved some shorcut,and I do not like it...good luck my friends :D

Re: Hi,Suave Prince info

Posted: December 16th, 2015, 3:56 pm
by Moscow Tracer

Re: Hi,Suave Prince info

Posted: February 3rd, 2016, 5:25 am
by SuavePrince
Hi,welcome to the Suave Channel :D you can find my Mods(7 mods)if you want some help,only ask me :)
if you would like to see some videos or tricks,etc,in youtube,you can write here
My 7 Mods:
Jaffar is The King:!VkYymZ7C!nX4quhH5e0MIrEnYhyGVsg8rls-SBo3BThCISKo5M5Y
Jaffar Not Forget:!k9AyjD7S!ngbY24fMxDMb7UsEk341r2nHUvZ_ZIgGpPPfcwrNKTo
Jaffar Not Forget 2 The Temple of Terror:!JhJ3xL5Z!o6HDCYsses6Tx521wXb0Lp_qvT-sK4yOAAeCWELPVp0
Jaffar Rooms :!M8B2hRBY!iP-sp-5645IZTC3NmkuMeDd0FRnjGWfYbhfwRCN3fkY
The Resurrection Of Jaffar And Revolt Of Guards:!5xJjzSwT!5m7RW_9CLUTjKSs71ymW8y28LesKOzuzVJBA8H0f2yE
The Princess is Mine :!8tYHTaaY!D_aZg4-GSEFSSDUqOTsI-75S4AFUwgi0StOXQxsACNE
The Desert of Persia :!oxRkkLQT!JqsvV1hRu85teH6QvTAltMhxgktqE0ZMs7Ostx0TfU0
My 7 Mods :!Q9BjlZTS!ZYtixm7T11l1F20ty7Tlo5VfgHQCszUJMtqHgv3iZo4

God bless my little friends

Re: Hi,Suave Prince info

Posted: June 29th, 2016, 9:20 pm
by SuavePrince
Hi..i edited my mod The Desert of Jaffar,because level 09 is the classic,but now is a level different and great,so i upload all my mods,this mods have some fix,because forget add,potion or there open gate,is the reason that upload again..thanxs,now very busy,but almost finished my mod The Templ of Chaos,this mod created with the help the a martian....i hope can pass the mod that wanna beat,like hw 5,mirages of persia and others...thanxs my good friends:
My mods:
Jaffar is The King:!R1pWCDKZ!xJXdVAaraWEt ... CgZTXMEg2A
Jaffar Not Forget:!ZoI0EZrB!Gbwv9_AHJDCI ... P_A1EBtJM4
Jaffar Not Forget 2 (The Temple Of Terror):!txIUmRZY!U_314pZvaEc8 ... hRpcIssoG0
Jaffar Rooms:!0hAEFKgb!OYt3emwWfZcJ ... s3-PsjHes8
The Desert of Persia :!pswQ2Y7a!Ue-d73JKXEiE ... Wnnh1L3huc
The Princess Is Mine:!IoREgIAR!KsrmgY2kDVfF ... eilrGwlLAc
The Resurrection Of Jaffar And The Revolt Of The Guards:!dtBSXDAa!ABf2nY4tKQoy ... ReiaP3jVCY

Good luck....

Re: Hi,Suave Prince info

Posted: May 5th, 2017, 10:51 pm
by SuavePrince
My Mods :